Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anticipating Race Across America 2011

2011 RAAM media crew members and RAAM President/CEO Fred Boethling, right, stand  at the top of the race's first climb.
I am a videojournalist on the 2011 Race Across America media crew, covering all 3000 miles from the start in Oceanside, California to the finish in Annapolis, Maryland. Within the crew, I am part of the first media team focusing on the lead racers.

On Sunday morning June 12, media crew members met RAAM president and CEO Fred Boethling who walked us through the start.

Racers and trailing support teams leave Oceanside Pier, negotiating a 90º left turn onto what Boethling estimates is an 18% grade climb for about 100 yards.

We stood at the top of the hill visualizing a video shot of the riders pedaling towards us. Riders could emerge head to toe in the frame grinding in granny gear.

Behind them in the shot could be palm trees and the rolling Pacific.

As a videojournalist, I will produce daily stories about competitors at the front of the race vying to be the first to cross the North American continent.

Check in daily to see the latest!

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