Sunday, June 19, 2011

Motel Dodge,,,,,somewhere in Kansas.

Andre the Driver here, so good to be back. Media 1 is somewhere in Kansas still, no kidding.

I am sleeping in a cramped back seat of a Dodge Caravan which is our motel on wheels for RAAM this year. It looks like I am dreaming, and I am because the job has been completed for the day chasing riders and getting their stories with my crew.

We just caught up with Christoph Strasser at midnight. He is leading RAAM in the solo male division.

In Montezuma Kansas at the time station my relentless crew tried to get an interview. We were able to film his crew helping him off the bike, helping him get to the RV for a restroom break and get a change of clothes. This was all going on so late in the evening!

The race is a close one in the men solo division this year. I am really excited to be a part of watching it unfold! I look at the RAAM leader board on my laptop computer whenever possible to keep up with the changes in the front between the athletes.

Stay tuned for more roadside enjoyment soon!

Happy dreams, Andre the Driver.

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