Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Vic Armijo / Athens, OH

June 22, 2011 12:45pm EST

We found Chrisoph Strasser about a half hour ago, rolling toward time station 43 in Athens Ohio. When we came up on him he had his phone to his ear, talking to his girlfriend Sabine. The Austrian continues to amaze! He truly seems to be enjoying his race, which is surely a huge factor in how well he’s doing.

His current average is 15.65mph, still above the record of 15.4mph that he’s working to beat. But today he’ll face some of the toughest miles in RAAM as he reaches the Appalachians Mountains. Unlike the sustained climbs of the western states where a racer can develop a rhythm and where there are long descents where a rider can recover, the hills of West Virginia and into Maryland are one climb after another—hill repeats for 200 miles. Strasser’s average will almost certainly drop in that stretch. But the following miles are relatively flat where if he has anything left in the tank, he may be able to kick up the pace and bring that average back up.

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