Thursday, June 16, 2011


Vic Armijo / Congress, AZ

June 16, 2011

Congress Arizona is a small town, it’s a friendly town and DANG it sure is a hot town. The friendly folks from the Bullshifters Bicycle Club staff this station (right in front of the Sierra Vista Motel (928) 427-6330) and they boast that yesterday it was “only” 101 degrees. With that being normal weather the club’s tradition of providing a wading pool for racers and crew is very much appreciated by all. Crews will be interested to know that the rooms are air-conditioned and there's a strong wireless connection.

Current sixth place RAAM rider Brett Walker stopped in a few minutes ago, took a cooling dip and then enjoyed a leg massage. The American rider is from New Hampshire where in order to get in his training for RAAM he spent the winter riding his cyclocross bike in the snow, “Yeah,” he laughed, “I rode in the snow to train for riding in the desert.”

Hey Brett, whatever works.

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