Saturday, June 18, 2011

STEVEN PEREZLUHA: “Whats-his-name? Chew’s nephew.”

No matter how he does in RAAM 2011, the race’s youngest rider, Steven Perezluha, will likely continue to be referred to as 2-time RAAM winner “Danny Chew’s” nephew. The first day out of Oceanside the 20 year old went out hard and led to the first time station, but by the following morning had dropped back to 19th. He’s now in 21st and as of this morning had made it 763 miles to Montezuma Creek, CO.

“He’s riding pretty good when he’s on the bike,” reported his uncle Danny. “But he’s having a lot of off the bike time. He took a four hour total stop last night,” Chew said, “That along with a long afternoon nape has him up to 11 hours off the bike so far.” He’s off the pace that they’d hoped for, “The desert heat was getting him,” Chew added.

Cooler temperatures await him as he heads east into the Colorado Rockies where perhaps he’ll rebound. He’s a sentimental favorite with the RAAM pundits. And if genetics mean anything….

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