Friday, June 17, 2011

DAVID JONES: “We’re having a good time now!”

Vic Armijo / Wolf Creek Pass, CO

June 17, 2011

After getting seeing Marko Baloh at the summit of Wolf Creek Pass we headed back down to the base of the climb where we found age 60+ leader David Jones, “We’re having a good time now!” he declared as we pulled alongside in the mighty RAAM Media 1 van, “I’m doing good. I’ve had some bad moments, but you get past them,” he said. Asked how long he thought he’d ride into the night, he answered “As long as I feel good. I’m definitely going to South Fork, or maybe to Alamoso. I haven’t slept yet. I laid down in Tuba City for an hour and half, but nothing happened.”

Sleeplessness isn’t something Jones has encountered on previous RAAMS, “I’ve always been able to sleep well. I’m going to wait ‘til I’m drowsy. I have had some drowsy periods. But I know I’m going to get drowsy and when that happens I’ll go to sleep.”

Jones had seen us head past earlier and asked if we’d found Marko Baloh. He was excited to hear that Baloh was looking good and going fast. Yeah, Jones is a RAAM race fan and has the best seat in the house as Strasser, Baloh, Blanco, Gulewicz and the rest come by him. Jones is having fun and getting every bit out of enjoyment he can from his 2011 RAAM. When I told him that there’s snow on Wolf Creek Pass he got as excited as a kid,

“There’s some snow! Alright!” he said with a big smile, “I’d like to see it, but unfortunately it’ll be dark when I get up there.”

Don’t worry David. There’s plenty of scenery and fun stuff ahead.

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