Friday, June 17, 2011

DAVE ELSBERRY: 2nd Place 60+ Rider, smiling all the way!

Vic Armijo / Monument Valley, AZ & UT

June 17, 2011

RAAM racers are generally positive people. It takes a good mental outlook to want to do what these riders do. Dave Elsberry is no exception—every time we see the guy, no matter the temperature, no matter the conditions, he’s always smiling, jovial and enjoying the ride.

The 60 year old Laguna Beach, Californian has the pedaling form and fitness of someone half his age, and has beat a good number of those youngsters too. For instance, in 2009 he took 3rd overall in both the Fireweed 400 and the Hoodoo 500. Also that year he and a friend took 1st overall on 2-rider team at the Furnace Creek 508 2009. One “youngster” he hasn’t managed to beat is David Jones, the 60+ leader who is currently about a hundred miles ahead of Elsberry. Go get him Dave, we want to see a race!

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